With the participation and support of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District

Today, Russia has developed a system of generally recognized economic forums held to incentivize economic growth in certain regions. Major interregional forums focus on development goals of specific regions. The Sochi International Investment Forum lays emphasis on Russias southern regions, the Tomsk- and Krasnoyarsk-based forums prioritize Siberias development, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum addresses global economic issues. Until 2012, Central Russia, the most populated part of the country, was on the outskirts of the global media landscape.

In June 2012, Kursk city hosted the first CENTRAL RUSSIAN ECONOMIC FORUM which restored the information balance and put the economic issues of Central Russia into the limelight. Preparation for the second CENTRAL RUSSIAN ECONOMIC FORUM (CEF 2013) is currently underway.

The Forum due July 5 and 6, 2013 in Kursk City is hosted by the Government of Kursk region. AK&M Information Agency is the chief coordinator of events and actions in the run-up to the Forum. CEF 2013 is widely supported by the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District of Russia.

One of the main Forum objectives is to provide condensed information on the regions potential, their needs for investments and other requirements. The Forum is expected to be a pulpit for investors, a place effectively blending capital, resources, initiatives and technologies.

The Plenary Session theme is: Higher Economic Resilience through Domestic Market Expansion, definitely a top priority matter for all the federal subjects after Russias accession to the WTO. The plenary session will be moderated by Maxim Shevchenko, journalist & presenter at Russia's Channel 1.

One of the central Forum events will be the Business Contest of Central Russias investment projects aimed at detecting truly interesting and promising projects and initiatives beneficial, if implemented, for the region and Russian economy as a whole.

Another key Forum event will be the session of the Council under the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District addressing the theme: Cross-border cooperation of Central Russia: new opportunities for regions, stronger interregional integration.

The Forum will comprise quite a number of events addressing the top priority development issues of Central Russias regions including:

  • Business contest of Central Russias investment projects
  • Business duel Food supply security of Russia and EurAsEC countries: objectives and capabilities of Central Russias regions
  • Eurasian forum of vegetable growers
  • Topical panel discussion: Role and place of small business in the development of Central Russias regions
  • Dialogue with experts: Young generation in the world of innovations. Young peoples ideas as viewed by competent experts.
  • Environment and business: balancing interests to ensure sustainable development of the macroregion

All the interested entities and institutions may attend and contribute to the CENTRAL RUSSIAN ECONOMIC FORUM (CEF 2013) on July 5-6, 2013 in Kursk City. To take part in the Forum, please submit the filled-in registration form to the Forum Organizing Committee.

Welcome addresses
Alexander Nikolaevich Mikhailov, Governor of Kursk region, addresses participants of CEF 2013
The first Central Russian Economic Forum highlighted the genuine interest of the business and scientific communities in the matters discussed and proved that the decision to hold the forum annually was correct. This years mission is to continue discussing the development trajectories of Central Russias regions, with a special focus on the search for highly effective mechanisms of balancing the positive international labor division drivers and the domestic interregional cooperation potential
Welcome address of Igor Nikolaevich Slyunyaev, Russias Minister of Regional Development
Within a short period of time, the Forum has become one of the leading venues for handling social and economic development issues of Central Russias regions. Benefiting from advanced research and production capacities, valuable human capital assets and extensive resources, these regions are setting the tone in pinpointing economy modernization and social sphere development trends
Welcome address of S.N. Katyrin, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
For the second time the Forum will assemble representatives of Central Russias regions, businessmen, investors and leading experts in Kursk region to exchange their experience in the development of regional economies, enhancement of the investment and business climate, to detect the key issues, and to come up with possible solutions
Business contest of Central Russias investment projects

One of the SECOND CENTRAL RUSSIAN ECONOMIC FORUM events will be a business contest of investment projects. Projects assuming economic operations in the Central Federal District are eligible for selection. To be admitted to the contest, investments of at least RUB 10 million must be projected. Projects in the pre-investment or investment phase and assuming both new production facilities and expansion of existing businesses will be eligible for closer consideration.