Investment projects of Central Russia Participating in the Growth Points business contest


1. “Construction of an elevator and feed mill plant in Kursk region”

Company: Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk LLC
Contact person: Evgeny Alferov

Amount of investment: RUB 1.8 billion.
New construction project in Dmitrievsky district, Kursk region
Elevator with a total storage capacity of 102 thousand tonnes; feed mill with a daily production capacity of 600 tonnes (18 thousand tonnes per month).
Construction / production techniques were proven in practice. The complex will be built subject to all construction and equipment installation technologies. Long-term cooperation with equipment vendors ensures timely advice, personnel training and recruiting.
Pig farms of Agropromkomplektatsiya-Kursk LLC will not depend on supplies of feed for pigs from other regions.
The project covers:

  1. land for in-house fodder base development;
  2. labor force (126 new jobs to be created);
  3. new infrastructure as necessary: the new facilities will be provided with hard-surface roads and utility lines (electricity, gas, water supply networks).

2. “Vegetable store”

Company: N.S.T. LLC (Kursk)
Contact person: Vladimir Kurochkin

Amount of investment: RUB 170.6 million
Project objective:
Erection by N.S.T. LLC in tandem with an investor of a vegetable storehouse with a capacity of 8,500 tonnes of agricultural products (potatoes and other vegetables) on the edge of the capital of Kursk region.
Project stages:

  1. vegetable store construction;
  2. purchase of the necessary stock of products from local farmers
  3. sales of products to the population of Kursk region in the off-season period;

Profit earned from the project is expected to be invested in business expansion and replication (construction of new storage facilities in Kursk region).

3. Kind-hearted Home social cottage community

Company: N.S.T. LLC (Kursk)
Contact person: Vladimir Kurochkin

Amount of investment: RUB 190.05 million.
Project objective:
Erection by N.S.T. LLC in tandem with an investor of a modern social cottage community comprising 232 housing estates (with a total area of 31.5 thousand square meters) in the immediate vicinity of the capital of Kursk region.
Project stages:

  1. selection and lease of a land plot;
  2. arrangement of infrastructure
  3. construction of cottage houses;
  4. selection or setting-up of a management company;
  5. development of a marketing strategy, appropriate promotional campaign.

The project will create 15 permanent and 15 seasonal jobs.
Profit earned from the project is expected to be invested in business expansion and replication (construction of new cottage communities in Kursk region).

4. Goat Farm project

Company: Lukoz Saba LLC (Republic of Tatarstan)
Contact person: Taras Kozhanov

Amount of investment: RUB 290 million.
The goal of the project is to extend the Lukoz Saba goat husbandry complex, including the business model replication in other Russian regions. As a result of project, the goat stock is expected to rise to 2,600 heads of milking goats and 2,000 heads of offsprings.
The Lukoz Saba goat farm is currently settled in the Republic of Tatarstan. Its current goat stock reaches approximately 2,000 goats including 900 milking goats yielding more than 35 tonnes of milk monthly.

5. Investment project for the construction of an integrated turkey farm

Company: Euroconsult LLC (Moscow)
Contact person: Ilya Reger

Amount of investment: RUB 5.8 billion
Project vision:
Industrial-scale application of domestic and foreign poultry-breeding technology solutions in Russia's Central Federal district: creation of a modern integrated poultry farm focusing on turkey.
Project objectives:

  1. supplies of high-quality meat products to consumers in Russian regions and Moscow; turkey stock reproduction;
  2. substitution of imported goods with Russian products pursuant to the Government Program of Agricultural Development for 2013-2020.

Backbone of the project:
A modern close-cycle integrated poultry factory with strong manufacturing and agricultural capacities.
Ultimate target:
Creation of an integrated turkey farm with a live-weight capacity of up to 16,800 tonnes per year.

6. Investment project for the growing and processing of vegetables

Company: Morn Group (China, Jilin province)
Contact person: Alexander Zainigabdinov

Amount of investment: RUB 950 million

Growing of potatoes and vegetables in Kursk region, with subsequent processing and sales of products in the Russian and Chinese markets. The project is expected to be implemented in Fatezhsky district, Kursk region.

7. Basilik mini hotel network

Company: sole proprietor D.V. Belykh (Lipetsk region)
Contact person: Denis Belykh

Amount of investment: RUB 200 million.

The goal of the project is to open 20 Basilik-branded hotels in Russia’s Central Federal District.
The project envisages the construction and management of mini-hotels (10-20 rooms) in cities with 20,000-200,000 residents, with industrial enterprises (both existing and under construction), with a good transport infrastructure, and a certain tourist appeal.
Basilik is a fast-paced Russian network of mini hotels, successfully operating in the market of hotel & accommodation services for 5 years. Over this period, 4 hotels were built in Moscow and Lipetsk region (Chaplygin, Yelets). The company is currently building 5 more hotels in Lipetsk region (Zadonsk, Dankov, Usman, Stanovoe) and in Tula region (Belev).


8. “Energy-efficient integrated poultry farm”

Company: Belaya Ptitsa (Kursk region)
Contact person: Vladimir Gornostaev

Amount of investment: RUB 312 million.

The goal of the project is the to build a standalone mini thermal power plant for Belaya Ptitsa-Kursk LLC (Gorshechensky district, Kursk region), in the grounds of poultry farm PTF No. 7 including a partial reconstruction of the 0.4 kV intra-site grid.
The principal objective is to systematize the management of energy resources through the application of a system of inter-related and interacting enterprise constituents.

Project stages:

  1. creation of an automated data measuring system for electricity metering purposes;
  2. creation of a dispatching system to ensure most centralized control over the use of energy and operational control over the process management;
  3. installation of a mini thermal power plant at PTF No. 7 based on a FG Wilson gas reciprocating unit;
  4. upon successful gas reciprocating unit testing at PTF No. 7, project replication at other production facilities;
  5. replacement of fluorescent lamps to LED lamps across all production facilities, hatchery, etc.: higher fire safety class, higher lamp security, environmental aspect: no expenses for the disposal and demercurization of mercury-filled lamps), reduction of the cost of scheduled lamp repairs and maintenance.


9. Transmission electron microscope / ultramicrotome for medical research purposes

Company: HELP LLC (Kursk city) 
Contact person: Sergey Balikov

Amount of investment: RUB 1.4 billion

The goal of the project is to create the transmission electron microscope based on a domestic technology platform, to increase the competitive edge of Russian TEN analogues in international markets.
Possible medical applications: microbiology, anatomico-pathological research, oncology, virology, biotechnology, material science.
Project parameters: market capacity: up to 30 TEM/UMTs per year; new jobs: 100-500.

Cooperation initiatives:
Building up production, in tandem with an investor, of modern user-level electron microscopy devices for everyday applications is a highly profitable project with minimal and removable risks.
Stage-by-stage project implementation reduces the investor's financial expenses:
stage 1 – development of technological design specifications;
stage 2 – creation of an assembly line, with component manufacturing orders to be placed with partner companies;
stage 3 – creation of in-house production capacities with an in-house manufacture target of 50% of the parts and components; product range expansion.

10.  Construction and expansion of roads next to the family sports and entertainment complexes (currently under construction)

Company: GRINN Corporation (Kursk city)
Contact person: Anna Rudnitskaya

Amount of investment: RUB 1 billion.

Today, GRINN Corporation is the only private investor implementing a large-scale road building program in Kursk city. Under the program, several streets adjoining the continuing Mega-Complex project (total area:  230,000 square meters), namely, Karl Marx Street, Shkolnaya, Kavkazskaya Streets, are being revamped. Besides, GRINN Corporation is building a new highway (already named ‘Crimean Highway’) directly connecting the center of the city with the most densely populated North-West and South-West residential areas. Upon completion, the highway will divert transport flows and passenger traffic from Sumskaya Street and 50th Anniversary of October Street, surpassing them in the density of traffic.
Total length of the to-be-reconstructed roads is 5.4 km.
Total investment in the traffic infrastructure of the city is RUB 1 billion.



1. Ethno-cultural tourist complex in Rylsky district of Kursk region

Company: N.S.T. LLC (Kursk)
Contact person: Vladimir Kurochkin

Amount of investment: RUB 96.9 million.
Project objective: erection by N.S.T. LLC in tandem with an investor of the Rodina modern tourist complex in Rylsky district of Kursk region.
Project stages:

  • selection and lease of a land plot;
  • arrangement of infrastructure;
  • construction of buildings and facilities;
  • staff recruitment / management;
  • development of a marketing strategy, appropriate promotional campaign.

The project will create 34 permanent and 2 seasonal jobs.
Profit earned from the project is expected to be invested in business expansion and replication (expansion of the tourist complex territory, broader range of services).

2. Production of innovative electrical heaters
Company:  MAGNETO Research and Production Enterprise (Kursk city)
Contact person: Yuri Tretyakov

Amount of investment: RUB 24.5 million.
Project objective: build up production of Sokol-M innovative electrical heaters developed by MAGNETO RPE experts. The Sokol-M electrical heater is unrivaled in efficiency and other parameters.
The project is of great relevance and importance, seeing as the Company’s energy-efficient technologies reduce the energy consumption by 50% or more.
Target consumers: both private and corporate consumers. The product is suitable for heating various premises.

3. Design-Office project (Moscow)
Company:  Sole proprietor T.A.Grek
Contact person: Tatiana Grek

Amount of investment: RUB 10 million
Creation of a virtual design studio to enable users to create their individual interior projects online using the templates available, virtual finishing materials, decorative elements (lighting, furniture, ornaments). The system provides user with hints and warnings about planning concepts as well as technology solutions required for certain operations (such as the mandatory waterproofing of floors or erecting walls increasing the floor loading).
Competition: while there are currently quite a number of similar web-based tools in the market of web services, they all operate as online stores, none of the peers provide a flowchart, or teach its users a competent and civilized approach.

4. Plywood mill construction
Company:  TEKHPROMPLIT LLC (Moscow)
Contact person: Elena Smirnova

Amount of investment: RUB 116.5 million
The Project objective is to build an integrated FK birch plywood production plant
Production capacity: 1000m/month, with production expansion options.

Product specification: 1525 x 1525 mm plywood sheet with varying front surface grades, thicknesses varying from 4mm to 24mm.

  • Modern, efficient production facilities
  • Well-developed sales network in Russia and abroad
  • Certified according to FSC, CARB, CE2+, BFU100
  • Social significance of the project

A production location in Central Russia is currently being considered.
Investment proposals:

  • Amount of investment required is RUB 85 million;
  • Start-up financing in the amount of RUB 40 million is required for the purchase of land and equipment, the remainder to be contributed in equal installments over a 9-month period.
  • The project is expected to be launched within 12 to 15 months.
  • It is proposed that the financing be provided by an investor who exits at the end of the fourth year or keep the investment to expand production.
  • The first-month expenses include the purchase of land (RUB 17 million) and the purchase of equipment (plywood press, dryer, etc.) for a total of RUB 23 million.
  • Further installation and investment expenses can be distributed across a 7-month period (RUB 6.4 million per month).

5. RH GILETTA reagent distributor: a turnkey solution for winter road maintenance based on a KAMAZ heavy-duty truck
Company:  Bucher Municipal – Kaluga - Russia
Contact person: Mikhailo Maravich

No investment is needed, partners are welcome.

6. Graphic design for Russian and foreign companies
Company:  Artrange design studio (Moscow)
Contact person: Grigory Popov

Amount of investment: RUB 1 million
Creation of an all-Russian remote network to provide high-quality graphic design services at affordable prices for Russian and foreign corporate clients.

7. DAT brand control system
Company:  Aventa-info LLC (Moscow)
Contact person: Daria Zhuravlyova

Amount of investment: RUB 3 million
The DAT system ensures the effective management of manufacturers’ intellectual property protecting it from counterfeiting in three steps:

  • identification of intellectual property items;
  • registration of the intellectual property right;
  • protection of innovations and products.

8. Center for prosthetic care, orthotics, comprehensive rehabilitation and disability prevention
Company:  Ortopedicheskaya Produktsiya LLC (Orthopedic Products, Kursk city)
Contact person: Ekaterina Zelenina

Amount of investment: RUB 42.7 million.
Project objectives:

  • modernization of the prosthetic/orthopaedic area;
  • creation of an orthopedic footwear production shop;
  • creation of an adapted physical education hall;
  • creation of a hippotherapy center;
  • creation of a mini pool for rehabilitation of children suffering from musculoskeletal system disorders and infantile cerebral palsy;
  • opening of a healthcare center;
  • InvArtel project

The target customers of the Orto-Doctor healthcare and rehabilitation center are disabled clients or people suffering from musculoskeletal system disorders. In addition, the healthcare center and the InvArtel project are expected to appeal to a broader pool of consumers including most of the people living in the region.

9. ChitoPran: a breakthrough in the treatment of wounds

Company:  Napoly LLC (Moscow)
Contact person: Ivan Afanasov

Amount of investment: RUB 40 million.
The project objective is to develop a ChitoPran distribution network
What is ChitoPran:

  • a wound dressing made of chitosan nano-fibers;
  • the dressing needs not be removed;
  • absorbed in the course of wound repair;
  • for treatment of wounds at the granulation tissue stage;
  • ChitoPran® anti-microbial;
  • ChitoPran® cleaning;
  • ChitoPran® would healing;
  • product is pending registration;
  • on sale starting January 2016.

10. Opening of the La Princesse Choco Chocolate Atelier branded corners in the shopping malls of Kursk

Company:  La Princesse Choco Chocolate Atelier
Contact person: Alla Komissarova

Amount of investment: RUB 1 million.

Handmade chocolate and chocolate sweets, desserts, much loved Macaron cakes, tailor-made cakes decorated with chocolate items.

11. Development and manufacture of medical products based on herbal raw materials

Company:  ABG-Pharm LLC (Moscow region)
Contact person: Konstantin Shadrin

Amount of investment: RUB 24 million
The project objective is to build up production of wound healing plates for surgical applications. The plates are intended to reduce bleeding in all types of operations.
Project stages:

  • development of wound healing plates for surgical applications;
  • development of a standardized delivery vehicle;
  • development of a range of products for targeted treatment.

The development is based on an existing, patented and registered pharmaceutical and the patent for a wound-healing agent belonging to the project advocacy group.
Sales are expected to start in the second year of the project implementation.

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