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Metalloinvest's subsidiary JSC Mikhailovsky GOK is a leading domestic mining company. Company's share in total domestic output of iron ore merchandise accounted to 18% in 2014. Company accounts for 25% of total domestic iron-ore pellets output. Mikhailovsky GOK operates the largest domestic proven and indicated iron ore resources.

Mikhailovsky GOK produces wide range of products which are of big demand in the iron ore market, including: iron ore concentrate: with rated moisture content, dried and BF-grade; sinter-feed lump ore, both rated-moisture and dried, fluxed and unfluxed iron-ore pellets.

Metalloinvest consistently improves Mikhailovsky GOK's operations. The latest important land mark event for the company has been conclusion of No.3 Pelletizing Plant construction, which has become the major regional investment project launched by Metalloinvest. Full-scale production of iron-ore pellets is scheduled to commence in 2015 upon completion of commissioning and hot-run tests. In terms of its scale this project can be matched to no other. Newly installed induration machine is the first installed in Russia over last decade, first in the modern Russian history and thus is cutting edge in design and technology. Metalloinvest's capital invested in construction of the plant totalled over RUR16 billion. Operation of the new Palletizing plant will bring about 1.5 fold or 5 mln.tonne increase of MGOK annual iron-ore pellets output.

Industrial test processing of oxidized ferruginous quartzites has been successfully completed in the process line No.14 of Mikhailovsky GOK's Crushing and Concentrating Plant. Oxidized ferruginous quartzites mined in Mikhailovskoye deposit has long been piled in special storage fields but has never been processed in industrial scale before. Line No.14 has been rearranged, new housing for high-gradient wet magnetic separators has been built, new utility and communication systems, supplementary equipment and facilities have been installed for this purpose.

Implementation of capital projects contributes greatly to economic growth of Mikhailovsky GOK and Kursk region in general: boosts tax revenue and generates employment opportunities.

Along with other Metalloinvest operations Mikhailovsky GOK has benefited from large-scale corporate programme of mining and haulage fleet upgrade which included replacement of existing machinery with higher capacity units. Within the programme framework 160 and 180-tonne mining trucks and 23 c.m. shovels, bigger and more powerful dozers and locomotives have been purchased. Introduction of new mining machinery adds up to higher mining output and specific costs reduction. New information technology and state-of-the-art higher precision equipment for process monitoring and control are consistently introduced for the purposes of efficiency improvement and cost optimization.

Mikhailovsky GOK rigorously complies with applicable domestic and international environmental legislation, standards, rules and regulations; employs environment-friendly processes to minimize environmental impact of its operations.

Mikhailovsky GOK's quality management system and health and occupational safety management system have been certified as compliant to MS ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards respectively; and its environmental management system has been successfully recertified as compliant to MS ISO 14001:2004.

Metalloinvest is a significant contributor to key regional sustainability initiatives. An indoors skating rink, cancer diagnostic clinic, numerous athletic facilities have been installed; two nursery schools have been overhauled within the framework of the trilateral partnership between Metalloinvest, Kursk region governor's office and Zheleznogorsk municipal government. Social programmes implemented by Metalloinvest cover health care, education, sports, promotion of young teaches, assistance to elderly citizens and financial support to regional orphanage homes.



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JSC VTB Bank, its subsidiary banks and financial organisations (VTB Group or the Group) comprise a leading Russian financial group, offering a wide range of financial and banking services and products in Russia, the CIS, and select countries of Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

The Group operates in Russia through the parent company VTB Bank and its five subsidiary banks. VTB Group’s largest subsidiary banks in Russia are VTB24 and Bank of Moscow. Its subsidiary financial organisations offer insurance, leasing, factoring, and other financial services, as well as services on the stock market.

The Group operates outside Russia through 15 bank subsidiaries, located in Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Cyprus, Serbia, Armenia, Belarus (2 banks), Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine (2 banks), Georgia and Angola; through 2 representative offices located in Italy and China; through 2 VTB branches in China and India and 2 branches of “VTB Capital”, Plc in Singapore and Dubai. The Group investment banking division also performs broker/dealer operations in the United States of America, securities dealing and financial advisory in Hong Kong and investment banking operations in Bulgaria.

As of 31 December 2014, the Group was the second largest financial group in Russia by assets (RUB 12,19 trillion) and by customer accounts (RUB 5,67 trillion).

The Government of the Russian Federation is VTB Group’s main shareholder and owns 60.9% of its registered share capital through the Federal Property Management Agency.

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