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The 3rd Central Russian Economic Forum is taking place in Kursk region on June 20-21. The Forum is organized by the Government of Kursk region. For a short period of time, the Forum has become a landmark event in the economic and political life of Central Russia's regions – a dedicated venue to pinpoint the most topical issues of Central Russia's development process and to contribute to the mainstream of the future economic policy. The Forum clearly showcases the interest of the power authorities and business elites in the development of the regional economy, outlines the conditions, preferences and requirements for investors.

The first Forum was dedicated to general regional development matters: attraction of investments, development of the agricultural sector, business-state interaction. More than 600 delegates from all Central Russian regions took an active part in it.

The second Forum highlighted the home market development issues. The orientation of production towards domestic consumers and the protection of home markets from imported goods were the key themes at the sessions. Special attention was given to the development of the agricultural sector left face to face with the fierce global market after Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization. More than 1,000 delegates including officials of Central Russia's regional public authorities, representatives of the real economy, the investment and financial community, scientific and non-governmental organizations and many others participated in last year's Forum.

The third Forum will focus on the revival of human capital. It is the utmost need of the day to have the workforce development issues in the limelight. Central Russia is home to most of Russia's population. It is not rich in mineral resources but abounds in labor resources. The excellence of Russia's best educational institutions, the historically high cultural level of the people, the deep spiritual traditions have yielded the human capital, the backbone of the region. The future of Central Russia will come through an advanced intelligent economy prioritizing the human over the raw materials or energy as the key production resource. This idea is closely related to the social responsibility of the business community, the public authorities and the society, the humanization of economic reforms, the demographic policy (including the migration component), and educational issues. The Forum will greet more than 1,000 delegates representing the state, investors, regional business entities, scientific and non-governmental organizations.

All those interested are welcome to join us at the 3rd Central Russian Economic Forum!