Welcome address of Kursk region Governor Alexander Mikhailov to the participants of the Central Russian Economic Forum

It is my pleasure to welcome you again in our hospitable region where the Third Central Russian Economic Forum is bound to take place on June 20-21, 2014. This year, the main Forum theme refers to the development of human capital, a matter we consider to be of utmost importance. Human capital is the backbone of an innovation-driven and knowledge-driven economy, the next social development stage. Benefiting from the most skilled workforce, the best educational establishments in Russia, the leading R&D institutions, the robust industrial traditions, the historically high cultural standard, Central Russias regions may become the engine of a new innovation-based economy.


On June 20-21, 2014, Kursk city will host the
with the participation and support of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District.
Main Forum theme:
Development of human capital: a mission for the business and authorities

The 3rd Central Russian Economic Forum is taking place in Kursk region on June 20-21. The Forum is organized by the Government of Kursk region. For a short period of time, the Forum has become a landmark event in the economic and political life of Central Russia's regions a dedicated venue to pinpoint the most topical issues of Central Russia's development process and to contribute to the mainstream of the future economic policy. The Forum clearly showcases the interest of the power authorities and business elites in the development of the regional economy, outlines the conditions, preferences and requirements for investors.

The first Forum was dedicated to general regional development matters: attraction of investments, development of the agricultural sector, business-state interaction. More than 600 delegates from all Central Russian regions took an active part in it.

The second Forum highlighted the home market development issues. The orientation of production towards domestic consumers and the protection of home markets from imported goods were the key themes at the sessions. Special attention was given to the development of the agricultural sector left face to face with the fierce global market after Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization. More than 1,000 delegates including officials of Central Russia's regional public authorities, representatives of the real economy, the investment and financial community, scientific and non-governmental organizations and many others participated in last year's Forum.

The third Forum will focus on the revival of human capital. It is the utmost need of the day to have the workforce development issues in the limelight...

The key Forum Events are as follows:
  • Plenary session: Development of human capital: a mission for the business and authorities
  • Business contest of Central Russias investment projects: Investment and social entrepreneurship
  • All-Russian forum: Business domain life space (OPORA Russia)
  • Contest of municipal practices held by OPORA Russia
  • Business duel: Migration from neighboring regions: benefit or danger for Central Russia?
  • Council of experts: Black Earth Belt: a unique food resource amid todays global economic reconfiguration
  • Discussion panel: National rating of the current investment climate in regions (held by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives)
  • Round table discussion: Investment in sports: the groundwork for victories
  • Dialogue with experts: Young peoples ideas for human benefit
  • Contest of projects: New living standard
  • Exhibition: socially oriented business
  • Congress of Cities of Military Glory
  • 14th Kursk Korenskaya Fair

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INVESTMENT AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP: a business contest of Central Russias investment projects

The business contest of investment projects will be the highlight of the 3rd Central Russian economic forum. The forum will present the investment projects blueprinted for the Central Russian region. The main Forum theme, Development of human capital: a mission for the business and authorities, makes the contest a socially oriented event. Priority will be given to projects of social relevance. The participants are encouraged to submit projects concerning housing and utilities services, power saving, social infrastructure, environment, health care, healthy nutrition, culture, sports and education. While the organizers will consider all the projects not directly related to social issues, an emphasis on their social significance is most desirable when such projects are presented.