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Interfax Information Services Group

Interfax Information Services Group is the largest diversified information provider in the CIS, and a recognized leader on the Russian information market in the B2B segment.
Interfax develops professional information solutions that help companies operating on financial and commodity markets to make investment decisions, manage risks and organize external communications.
Interfax products and services include news, market information, analysis, searchable databases, business directories, ratings and rankings, credit histories, IR services and information disclosures, organization of press conferences and placement of Internet advertising.
Interfax has been the international community’s leading source of up-to-the-minute information on Russia and the CIS since the beginning of the 1990s. Interfax is the source most often cited in foreign media reports about the region and in recent years has also become a leading supplier of political and financial news from China.
Russia, 127006, Moscow, 2 Pervaya Tverskaya-Yamskaya st., building 1
Т. +7(499)250-98-40
F. +7(499)250-97-27

General Information Partner

"Rossiyskaya Gazeta"

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” was founded by the government of the Russian Federation. It has been published since November 11th, 1990 on a daily basis except Saturdays and Sundays. The newspaper covers the most significant events taking place in the country and all over the world, and presents the opinions of established politicians, lawyers, economists, political analysts, artists and celebrities.
Federal State Institution “Editorial Office “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” also publishes:
“Rossiyskaya Gazeta – Nedelya”
“Rossiyskaya Business-Gazeta”

Official Information Agencies

Information agency «Finmarket»

Information agency “Finmarket” provides its clients with relevant and effective information on financial and stock markets at a reasonable price. We assist our clients to make exact and efficient business decisions.
“Finmarket” was founded in 1994. Since 2007 agency is a part of international group “Interfax”. “Finmarket” supplies its subscribers with the entire list of original immediate information on financial and stock markets as well as retail financial services.
Every day our agency publishes more than 300 pieces of news, analytical comments and forecast summary. “Finmarket” places at its clients disposal various quantitative data on financial market services from hundreds of banks as well as off-exchange market participants and other financial institutes.
Agency gives informational support to forums, exhibitions, economic financial IT business conferences.
“Finmarket” cooperates with key Russian business TV and radio programmes, mass-media, business web-sites.

PRIME Business News Agency

PRIME is a major information and analytical agency, which focuses on real-time distribution of financial and business information.
PRIME’s key products include real-time newswires; feature stories; industry-specific newsletters; sections with trustworthy analytical reports and valuations on financial sector development, economic politics, business, and various economic sectors; and software for online electronic trading.
The agency produces several specialized newswires in cooperation with Dow Jones Newswires.
PRIME has developed its own database on Russian business entities, which includes information on 6 million companies, over 1,000 insurance firms, around 2,000 banks, as well as information on all Russian regions and 1,066 cities.
PRIME is authorized by Russia’s Federal Service for Financial Markets for information disclosure. The agency also distributes official publications by the Central Bank of Russia.
The number of visitors to PRIME’ Web sites amounts to about 10 million per year, generating over 50 million hits.
ZAO PRIME Business News Agency
Address:4, Zubovsky boulevard, Moscow, 119021
Phone: +7 (495) 974-76-64
Fax: +7 (495) 692-36-90

Information Partners

The Analytical Banking Magazine

The Analytical Banking Magazine is a respectable monthly magazine published since 1995. Over the last several years the magazine has been recognized as the most professional and popular edition in Russian banking industry. The magazine’s subscribers include heads of banks, insurance, financial and investment companies, government, representatives of the legislative and executive authorities from Russia, the CIS, the Baltic states and foreign countries.
Address: 11 Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str., 115088, Moscow, Russia
The Analytical Center for Financial Information
Phones: +7 (495) 747-60-64, 747-80-84.

Bolshoy Business Fortune

BOLSHOY BUSINESS is the first Russian business monthly magazine providing in-depth perspective and thoughtful commentary published in one of the most well-respected names in business journalism “Fortune Magazine” and articles written by Russian, European and Asian businessmen, economists, analysts and journalists. Bolshoy Business provides readers with the unique global perspective that Russian business leaders expect and require.
Of. 406, 21,Zvezdniy bivd., bid. 3, Moscow, 129085, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 616-25-75

«Budget» magazine

The magazine of economics and finance The Budget is for public sector chiefs and officials. The issue covers budgetary system reforms, interbudgetary relations and improvement of efficiency of public spending, of public and municipal contracts and of financial control as well as problems of local self-government. Highest legislative and executive authorities’ representatives of the country and sub-federal units of the Russian Federation, municipal financial services chiefs and employees and also experts with big practical experience in the field of public finances speak on the pages of the magazine on a regular basis.

«Leisure in Russia» magazine

«Leisure in Russia» — the first and the only glossy magazine covering inner and incoming tourism. Gets out since april 2003. Number of copies 25000. «Золотой фонд прессы» award winner (2007's ), is 2011's award «Путеводная звезда».
Address: 127006. Москва, ул. Тверская, 18, стр. 1
Phone: +7 (495) 650-02-83
Fax: +7 (495) 650-28-26
Web site:

The Finance and the credit

The leading Russian publishing house, issuing 11 names of specialized financial-economic and accounting magazines. Such magazines are recommended for publishing of the results of doctoral thesis by Higher attestative committee of Ministry of Education and Science.
The publishing house "the Finance and the credit" is awarded numerous awards in the field of the Russian business periodic literature, is the Gentleman of the Award "Glory of Russia", the winner of the Public award of a professional recognition "the Best feathers of Russia", the Literary award of Alexander Fadeeva; is the winner of the All-Russia professional competitions in the field of journalism and it is awarded by numerous diplomas for the considerable contribution to development of the Russian press.
Adress: 111401, Moskow, Zeleniy avenue, 20
(495) 721-85-75

The National Banking Journal

The National Banking Journal is the national scale business edition, devoted to the problems of the banking community. It was established by Association of Russian Banks in November, 2003.
The magazine covers a state of the domestic banking market, its part in the development of national economy and society, its place in the world financial system.
Three topical sections “Banks & World”, “Banks & Business”, “Banks & Society” disclose peculiarities of the bank community’s life and its activity in Russia and abroad. Every issue has a key topic, and basic articles refer to it.
127051, Russia, Moscow, Suvorovskaya ploschad’, 1
Phone: +7(495)221-88-15

Business Information Agency (ABIREG.RU)

Business Information Agency is high professional agency which of specialized in lightening economical news of Voronezh Region and Central Black Zone. It lightens the realization of main investitions, the regional economical policy, corporative conflicts and does the monitoring of regional mass media.
ABIREG. Ru is a unique project which confuses Informational Agency and PR- agency. is the only mass media in Voronezh and Central Chernozon Zone which concentrates the most modern and powerful nowadays business communication tools such as blogs, internet- conferences, video- interview, ratings and so on Everyday information is sent with address e-mail to organizations and individuals in Voronezh Region and other regions of CCZ (more than 14.000 addresses)
Phone: (473) 250-24-95, 269-73-00

News agency ""

News agency "" ( - this fullest information on banks of Russia and the CIS countries, their economic indicators and services. News and a financial analytics. Recommendations of financiers. Opinions of clients of banks.

«Selskaya Zhizn (Country Life)» newspaper

“ Selskaia zhizn” ( Country life) is one of the bigest and the oldest agrarian newspaper of the world well-know by business and governmental authorities.
Subjects under discussion are various: political reviews, analytical articles and information about the agroindustrial complex problems, applicable recommendations.
By placing advertisement in the newspaper, you will gain new business relations in Russia and CIS.
24, Pravda str., Moscow, 125993, Russia
Tel.: (499) 257-59-49
Fax: (499) 257-59-58

business new europe (bne)

business new europe (bne) is unique as it the only magazine covering business, economics, finance and politics in the dynamic new markets of central, eastern and southeast Europe in English.
bne's veteran team of journalists have more than 50 years of collective experience of reporting on this dynamically growing region and can explain the "why" of "what" is going on.
bne functions as an “intelligent filter”. Investors can be overwhelmed by research – much of it contradictory. bne’s daily lists pick out the best research of the day, the new ideas or the most concise explanations of what is going on.

Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung

The “Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung” is a unique bilingual periodical in the Russian media market. It is published two times per month and possesses more than 10 years experience. The Moskauer Deutsche Zeitung’s columns present in German and in Russian languages current, analytic articles about business, economics, politics and cultural events in Russia and Germany. The newspaper is a useful source of information for foreign companies working in the Russian market.
Circulation of the newspaper: 25. 000 copies
Publication: every 14 days
Size: A3, 24 pages

Analytical Agency on real estate market «RWAY»

The analytical agency “RWAY” collects, processes and analyzes information about the real estate market, belongs to independent organizations specialized in studying real estate market. Agency issues the monthly information-analytical Bulletin about a real estate market since April 1995. Information agency “RWAY” became the acknowledged leader of information provision for the professional real estate market participants.
6, Suvorovskaya St., Moscow, Russia, 107023
Telephone/fax: +7 (495) 933-5503

CNews is the largest daily online publication on IT in Russia. CNews provides up-to-date information on hi-tech, telecommunications, hardware and software. CNews is based on the portal principle, covering apart from news analytical articles, market reviews, Internet poll results. Printed version has been publishing since 2004.
Every day CNews provides approximately 100 news on Russian and international IT-markets. Average monthly attendance of the site is over 2 300 000 visitors.
Address: CNews. 15, building 6, 5th Donskoy proezd, Moscow, 117334, Russia
Phone: +7 (495) 363-11-57

Tourism Information Portal

For the first time the information about tourist possibilities of the region is collected in the region on the one site. The resource is presented in three languages:
- about history, geographical position, natural resources and climate;
- about tourist infrastructure of the region with possibility to reserve hotel, to order an excursion and transport;
- about the important events in the region;
A visitor of Tourism Information Portal has the possibility of receiving the professional advisory support on the subject of tourist service in the Kursk area.


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