All the Participants will be offered transfer to all the Forum Events on June 15 and 16. Please be on time for the departure of our buses as scheduled in the plan.

On June 14 and 15, representative of our organizing committee will welcome you at information stands with the Forum logos at Kursk Rail Terminal. Our buses with the Forum signs will take the guests from the Rail Terminal to the hotels.

June 15, 2012
6:30 Upon your arrival to the Rail Terminal of Kursk City, you will be taken by comfortable buses to your hotels. Representatives of our organizing committee will show you the way to the buses.
1. Delegates not intending to stay at hotels will be taken to the Tsentralnaya (Central) Hotel where they may have breakfast for cash in the Gornitsa cafe.
2. Representatives of our organizing committee will help you check into the hotel if necessary.
7:00 Divine service in Znamensky Cathedral
You are welcome to attend the service if you wish.
Our buses will take you from all default hotels to Pushkin State Drama Theatre for registration procedure.
8:45 from the Solovyinaya Roscha Hotel
8:50 from the Aurora Hotel
9:00 from the Prestige Hotel
PLEASE be on time for the departure of the buses - you may have problems reaching the State Drama Theatre by other ways as the city center will is closed for traffic.
9:00 Start of the registration procedure.
Be sure to complete the registration procedure and have your Package of Participant in due time.
Please note that all the Forum Participants (including those who participate in the round-table panel discussions) are registered and handed the Packages ONLY in State Drama Theatre till 15:00.
BUSINESS TRIP CERTIFICATES: At the registration, you may wish to have a registration record made in your business trip certificates.
13:30 Transfer from Pushkin State Drama Theatre to restaurants

Participants of Panel Discussions 2 and 4 reach Chantal restaurant by bus
Participants of Panel Discussion 3 reach Galereya cafe by bus
Bus stop on Lenina street
Participants of Panel Discussions 1 and 4 reach Tsentralny restaurant by trolley bus
Trolley bus stop on Radishcheva street

14:40 Departure of the Participants from the lunch places to the round-table panel discussion places.
Same transport means.
15:00 Opening of round-table panel discussions
Panel Discussion 1: Pushkin State Drama Theatre
Lenina st. 26, Great Hall, Kursk City
Panel Discussion 2: Kursk State Agricultural Academy.
Karl Marx st. 70, Main Building, 2nd floor, Conference Hall, Kursk City
Panel Discussion 3: Southwest State University
50 Let Oktyabrya st. 94, 2nd floor, Conference Hall, Kursk City
Panel Discussion 4: Kursk State University  
Radishcheva st. 33, 2nd floor, Conference Hall, Kursk City
17:30 Departure of the Participants to the Governors reception (for invited guests)
18:30 Welcome reception of the Forum Participants at the Governors Office (for invited guests)
Banqueting complex Yevropeyskiy (European)
Karl Marx st. 59, shopping and entertainment mall Europe-10, 4th floor, Kursk City
20:00 – 23:00 Transfer of the Forum Participants from the Governors reception to the Rail Terminal and hotels
21:00 Transfer of the Forum Participants departing on June 15, from hotels to the Rail Terminal

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