Welcome Address of Viktor Basargin, Russias Minister for Regional Development, to participants of the Mid-Russian Economic 2012 June 15-16, 2012

Distinguished participants of the Mid-Russian Economic Forum,

I am pleased to send you my greetings on behalf of the Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation.

Today, improving the investment climate is one of the major development priorities for the public authorities, local governments and business institutions of the Russian Federation. The federal government is currently implementing a set of measures to enhance the investment appeal of the Russian regions. A number of development institutions (the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation, the Russian Housing Development Foundation, the Housing and Utility Reform Foundation, etc.) have been established and are successfully operating. Major international events (including sports events) Russia is hosting in 2012-2014 will also bring about fundamental renovation to our regional infrastructures improving their quality and availability for citizens and business entities.

Meanwhile, constituents of the Russian Federation play a very special role in improving the investment climate. It is the regions where specific issues of territorial social and economic development are handled. Essential tools to enhance the regional investment processes are: emphasizing innovations in investments, strengthening the financial base for investment processes, improving the information and infrastructure support, creating branch-specific and region-specific clusters.

Therefore, the federal government is also focusing closely on restructuring and optimizing the powers at different levels of governance. Working groups led by deputy chairmen of Russias Government have been established, and a session of the State Council of the Russian Federation took place last December.

I am entirely positive that the Mid-Russian Economic Forum will offer a venue to share experience and present the most promising aspects and mechanisms of the regional modernization strategy. With a well-developed industrial infrastructure, rich natural resources and appreciable development opportunities for human capital assets, the regions of the Central federal district have a clear vision of where economy modernization and investment stimulation efforts to increase their efficiency and competitive edge will be most efficient.

May I wish the organizers and participants of the Forum fruitful and efficient work.

Minister for Regional Development of the Russian Federation
V.F. Basargin


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