Provisional Program

June 15, 2012

9:00-11:00 Registration of participants, coffee /Pushkin State Drama Theatre (Kursk City)/
10.30-10.55 Exhibition opening ceremony. Presentation of investment projects /Pushkin State Drama Theatre/
11:00-11:10 Official Forum opening ceremony, Welcome speech addressing Forum participants
/Pushkin State Drama Theatre/
11:10-13:30 PLENARY SESSION (discussion panel)
Moderated by:
Maxim Shevchenko, Journalist & presenter at Russia's Channel 1
Plenary session agenda:
  • Development features and economic advantages of the Mid-Russian regions. Role and place of Mid-Russian regions in pursuing Russia's economic strategy.
  • State initiatives to upgrade economy: ways to boost their efficiency in regions.
  • Strengthening the inter-regional and international cooperation of Mid-Russian regions underpinning cooperation in production.
  • Land-use planning when locating production forces, seen as a component of the development strategy for Mid-Russian regions. Single-industry towns of Central Russia: today's condition, ways to solve their problems.
  • Regulation of the markets of agricultural goods, food stock and foodstuffs: federal and regional aspects, opportunities and challenges. What will Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization result in for regional agricultural producers?
  • Implementation of Kursk region's development strategy till 2020.
  • Investment climate in Mid-Russian regions. Forces influencing the investment climate and ways to enhance it. Priorities of the investment and innovation policy for Mid-Russian regions.
  • The State and business: balancing interests of all participants of investment activity.
  • Legislative regulation when implementing investment projects: growth opportunities or new barriers?

Plenary session participants:

Alexander Beglov, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District

Sergey Katyrin, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

Alexander Mikhailov, Governor of Kursk region

Nikolay Denin, Governor of Bryansk region 

Yevgeny Savchenko, Governor of Belgorod region

Vladimir Khomenko, Head of the Government of Chernigov region, Ukraine

Alexander Zubarev, First Deputy Governor of Kursk region

Viktor Karamyshev, Chairman of the Kursk regional Duma

Nikolay Ovcharov, Head of Kursk City Authorities

Oxana Selska, Head of the EBRD Representative Office in the Central federal district

Oleg Badera, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VessoLink Group, Head of the Transport Infrastructure Development Committee, All-Russian Public Organization Business Russia

Mikhail Galuev, CEO of OJSC Razgulay Group

Anna Brzozowska, Trade Affairs Manager, European Union Delegation

13:00-13:30 Press conference /Pushkin State Drama Theatre/
13:30-15:00 Lunch
15:00-17:30 Topical panel discussions (held simultaneously)
Topical panel discussion no. 1 /Pushkin State Drama Theatre/
Delivering projects of developing existing and locating new production facilities in Kursk region and other Mid-Russian regions: modern solutions
Moderated by:
Sergey Yemelyanov, Rector, Southwest State University
Yevgeny Kirin
, President of OJSC VTB Bank's branch in Kursk City
  • Current condition of the industrial sector in Mid-Russian regions. Common problems and trends in preserving the production uplift. Prospects of development projects for the industry.
  • Kursk region's industrial sector: investment potential.
  • Investment sites of Kursk region.
  • Public support to investors in the industrial sector as seen by official authorities and the business community. Best practices in attracting investors to the industrial complex of Mid-Russian regions.
  • Using the fiscal policy to attract investments in industry: adapting to business requirements while preserving interests of the regions.
  • Financing investment projects: new approaches of credit institutions when dealing with investors.
  • Efficient activity management model for an enterprise. Upgrading production to improve finance.
  • Small and middle-sized businesses in Central Russia. Assisting SME businesses focused on the industrial sector.
  • Training high-skilled workforce: a key contribution to successful implementation of investment projects. Today's problems and probable solutions.
  • Topical customs regulation matters in pursuance of investment projects.

Panel discussion participants:

Alexander Krivolapov, Deputy Governor of Kursk region

Oleg Ivanov, Vice President of the Association of regional banks of Russia (Association Russia')

Sergey Grigoriev, Deputy head of Zheleznogorsk City

Vladimir Toyker, Chairman of the Industry, Transport and Communications Committee of Kursk region

Oxana Selska, Head of the EBRD Representative Office in the Central federal district

Vyacheslav Fedyukin, Head of the Kursk Nuclear Power Plant branch, OJSC Rosenergoatom Concern

Igor Tabachuk, CEO of 2T-Engineering LLC

Alla Poryatuy, CEO of the consulting company Business-Expert (Kharkov City, Ukraine)

Dmitry Gurin, Deputy of the Kursk regional Duma

Andrey Kanunnikov, CEO of CJSC KEAZ / Kursk Electric Apparatus Plant

Nikolay Kuznetsov, CEO of CJSC Energiyaprominvest

Dmitry Seliverstov, CEO of Production Association Water Treatment Technologies and Systems LLC

Maria Shakova, Managing Partner of ISM Consulting

Yuri Alleev, CEO of CJSC Managing Company of GOTEK Group

Ekaterina Lukyanova, Investment Manager at Baring Vostok

Yevgeny Nepochatykh, CEO of Tekhnostroy LLC

Vyacheslav Rodin, Head of Kursk branch no. 8596 of OJSC Sberbank of Russia

Viktor Grebennikov, Head of the Kursk branch, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rostekhinventarizatsiya Federal Technical Inventory Bureau

Yuri Belikov, CEO of CJSC Kurskpromteplitsa

Vera Gueppa, CEO of Fashion Center Vera Gueppa LLC

Yaroslava Zabello, Head of the Analysis Center, AK&M Rating Agency

Viktor Voloshin, Head of the Corporate Finance Department, Nexia Finance Group (Lipetsk City)

Anna Lashch, Adviser on legal matters, Customs Holding Targo Group

Yekaterina Kharchenko, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Southwest State University

Alexander Boev, engineer-in-chief, OJSC Electroagregat

Oleg Kopin, CFO, Istok LLC

Lyudmila Fyodorova, Head of the personnel administration, Biaxplen K LLC

Yuri Timoshkin, Head of the Treasurer's Office, Kursk Nuclear Power Plant branch, OJSC Rosenergoatom Concern

Larisa Vashchenko, HR Director, Kurskhimvolokno LLC

Topical panel discussion no. 2 /Kursk State Agricultural Academy/
Investment projects in the agricultural sector of the region
Moderated by:
Ivan Gorbachev, Chairman of the Agricultural Complex Committee of Kursk region
Lyudmila Gordon, Head of the Strategic Communications Department, OJSC Razgulay Group
  • Competitive advantages of the agricultural sector in Mid-Russian regions.
  • Agricultural complex of Kursk region: achievements and new horizons.
  • Current state and development prospects for the food and processing sector of Kursk region.
  • Investment potential of Kursk region for locating food and processing enterprises.
  • Advanced interaction model for official authorities and the business community in agriculture to ensure new agroindustrial projects.
  • Investment projects in agriculture: success in practice
  • New regulation strategies for the market of agricultural goods, food stock and foodstuffs.
  • Activity of foreign investors in Central Russia's agricultural sector. Appeal of the black-earth areas for foreign investors and challenges for foreign companies implementing their projects.
  • WTO: consequences and prospects for Central Russia's agricultural complex.
  • R&D in agriculture: essential for successful development of the industry.
  • Conditions of increasing the agricultural producers' financial soundness. Minimization of risks.
  • Modernization of agriculture. Advanced trends in using agricultural machinery.
Panel discussion participants:

Alexey Zolotarev, Deputy Governor of Kursk region

Vitaly Drozdov, Chairman of the food and processing industry committee of Kursk region

Vasily Mezhevikin, Head of the food processing industry department, Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

Yelena Kulik, acting Head of the main agroindustrial development administration, Kharkov Regional Government (Ukraine)

Grigory Grebenik, Deputy Head of the main agroindustrial development administration, Sumy Regional Government (Ukraine)

Pekka Tapio Savela, Executive Director of Myllyn Paras oy Konserni (Finland)

Ladislav Pek, Chief Marketing Manager, PROKOP IVEST a.s. (the Czech Republic)

Nikolay Klimenko, Deputy Head of the Agriculture and Food Committee of Bryansk region

Sergey Kulikovskiy, CEO of Miratorg-Belgorod Group

Yuri Papakin, CEO of CJSC KONTI-RUS

Mikhail Galuev, CEO of OJSC Razgulay Group

Timur Belikov, Head of the regional projects finance management, Executive Director of the Project and Structured Finance Department, OJSC Gazprombank

Tatyana Silina, Head of the Kursk branch of Rosselkhozbank

Alexey SHarov, CEO of Jupiter Capital LLC

Alexander Novikov, Chairman of the Management Board, Research Group Innovative Technologies INstitute, ScanEx R&D Center

Igor Starikov, CEO of CJSC GOTEK

Andrey Medvedev, CEO of the hothouse production complex Seim Agro

Vitaly Kuznetsov, CEO of Agropromkomplektatsiya - Kursk LLC

Yevgeny Danilin, CEO of OJSC Nadezhda, Sudzha district

Sergey Starodubtsev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fraterium Expert Management Organization LLC

Oleg Kananykhin, CEO of Russkiy Dom Management Company LLC

Roman Kolesnichenko, CEO of Kurskoye Moloko LLC

Vladislav Krylov, Managing Director, Audit and Consulting Company BEFL

Olga Romanova, Managing Partner, Legal Group RATUM LLC

Vladimir Semykin, Rector of the Kursk State Agricultural Academy named after Prof. I.I.Ivanov

Leonid Golovanov, Head of the Agricultural and Natural Risks Insurance Department of OJSC IC Allianz

Topical panel discussion no. 3 /Southwest State University/
Innovation-based development of the Mid-Russian macroregion: prospects and opportunities
Moderated by:
Leonid Chervyakov, First Pro-rector for Scientific Research, Southwest State University
  • State regulation and public support of innovative activities.
  • Investing in innovative activities. Projects with the highest investment appeal.
  • Strategies of developing innovative systems in Mid-Russian regions. Efficient interaction experience.
  • Innovative activities in high schools: research for its own sake or for real economy? Relevance of university research works for industry and agriculture.
  • Participation of students and schoolchildren in innovations: raising genii or giving a tribute to fashion? Innovations by the SSU students.
  • Development of innovative infrastructure is pivotal for the development of innovative activities.
  • Small businesses: most efficient environment for commercialization of innovative ideas.
  • Copyright protection, problems and solutions. Current status of the patent work in Mid-Russian regions.
  • Information support and promotion of innovative achievements as a form of support for innovative activities.
  • Workforce capacity of the R&D sector.

Panel discussion participants:

Vladimir Puchkov, Chairman of the Consumer Market, Small Business Development and Licensing Committee of Kursk region

Alexander Gorshkov, acting Deputy Governor of Bryansk region

Maxim Ginzhuk, Investment Manager, VEB-Innovations Fund

Yuri Romanov, CEO of the Patent & Trademark office Romanovs and Partners

Tatyana Sergeeva, President, International Academic Accreditation & Certification Committee (IAACC)

Alexander Sapronov, CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, OJSC Pribor (Kursk)

Oleg Badera, Chairman of the Board of Directors of VessoLink Group, Head of the Transport Infrastructure Development Committee, All-Russian Public Organization Business Russia

Vladimir Anikin, Chairman of the Education Committee of Kursk City

Yuri Ovsyannikov, First Deputy Chairman of the Industry, Transport and Communications Committee of Kursk region

Vladimir Glotov, Chairman of the Board, Kursk regional branch of OPORA RUSSIA

Igor Markov, CEO of Sovtest ATE LLC

Igor Ivanov, CEO of GOSH-Laboratory LLC (Kursk City)

Vitaly Kudinov, Pro-rector for Scientific Research, Kursk State University

Denis Urmanov, Head of the Russian Association of micro-electromechanical systems developers, manufacturers and consumers (Kursk City)

Alexey Trubinov, Central District Public Sector Lead, Microsoft Rus LLC

Viktor Ilyin, Adviser, Industry, Transport and Communications Committee of Kursk region

Vadim Frolov, Rector, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education MATI Russian State Technological University named after K.E. Tsiolkovsky

Mikhail Gryazev, Rector, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Tula State University

Valery Koshkin, Rector, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Moscow State Industrial University

Dmitry Yedelev, Rector, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Moscow State University of Food Production

Vyacheslav Prikhodko, Rector, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Moscow Statee Automobile & Road Technical University

Valery Telichenko, Rector, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Moscow State University of Civil Engineering

Anatoly Vasiliev, Rector, Sumy State University (Ukraine)

Topical panel discussion no. 4 /Kursk State University /
Tourism potential of Kursk region. New approaches towards inter-regional cooperation in attracting tourists: rivalry or partnership?
Moderated by:
Alla Chertova, Chairwoman of the Committee for Youth and Tourism of Kursk region
  • State policy to promote regional tourist products. Performance & results.
  • Presenting Kursk region's tourist potential. Tourist routes and infrastructure.
  • State and business cooperation practice in the travel sphere: shared achievements and new horizons. Looking for additional incentives for investing in tourism
  • Upgrading the tourist infrastructure. Inrush of tourists to boost the business.
  • Building up an efficient system of interaction for Mid-Russian regions in the travel sphere. A strategic approach.
  • Accommodation business. Challenge of world quality standards.
  • Personnel training sphere: entry point for building up a mature and highly professional market of tourist services.
  • Experience in promoting tourist brands: from analysis to implementation.

Panel discussion participants:

Lyudmila Grebenkova, Deputy Governor of Kursk region

Olga Atyukova, Deputy Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Central Federal District

Yevgeniya Konkol, member of the Coordination Council for Tourism, CEO of CJSC Spectrum-Travel

Dmitry Udalov, Deputy Minister, Head of the Advanced Development of Agriculture & Marketing Administration, Ministry of Agriculture of Kaluga region

Alexander Liev, Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine)

Sergey Lukomskiy, CEO of Sevil LLC, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (Ukraine)

Mikhail Belousov, Head of the Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration of Tambov region

Yuri Baynazarov, Executive Director of the International Tourism Academy

Vladislav Shelest, Head of the tourist information web portal, Director of the regional budgetary institution Regional Center of Tourism

Marina Smirnova, SeniorVice President of Jones Lang LaSalle Hotels

Ilya Sorochkin, Head of the International Development Department, Cultural and Educational Center ETNOMIR (Kaluga region)

Martina Wiedemann, CEO of WiedAn LLC

Maria Tarasova, President of the non-profit partnership Commonwealth of Tourist Firms of Kursk region

Alexander Shchiglenko, Chairman of the Kursk regional Union of Journalists

Tatyana Rassokhina, Dean of the travel industry faculty, Deputy Head of the Moscow branch of the Russian International Academy for Tourism

Galina Kutepova, Candidate of economic sciences, senior lecturer, head of the tourism department of the state higher educational institution Moscow State Institute for the Industry of Tourism n. a. Yuri Senkevich

Yevgeniya Kogay, Head of department at Kursk State University, Doctor of Philosophy, member of the Public Chamber of Kursk region

Natalya Voynova, Head of department at Kursk State University, Doctor of Geography, ProfessorYevgeniya Vasilieva, Manager for Marketing and PR, HeadHunter Voronezh

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